Harmonie triomphant de la Discorde (Harmony Triumphing over Discord


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Created in the excitement and festivities for the 1900 Universal Exposition, the Grand Palais’ quadrigae, designed by sculptor Georges Récipon, represent a final expression of the neo-baroque wave that swept French sculpture. The incredibly violent rendering nearly throws the rearing horses off balance as other figures are cast downwards (Discord, on the Champs-Élysées side).
The audacity in these crowning compositions contrasts sharply with the ponderous rigour of the broad façade. The burst of energy suffices to suggest the ideal of triumphant progress at the Exposition. Technical and artistic feats of their time, these quadrigae are in repoussé copper, mounted on a metal armature anchored in the masonry, and decorated with ceramic pieces (spokes of the chariot wheels and winged lions to the rear).



The Knights and Horses Stroll

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From Notre-Dame to the Grand PalaisLegendary horses, purebred horses, warhorses, workhorses, you’ll find all sorts of horses in French sculpture. T... Read More


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